Respect to Aziz. ..
Artist Michel Sainte Beuve (France), The last dialogue without words, train station, Vichy
Artist/composer/"captain" - Jeko Stojanov :) (Bulgaria)
Just a fine day (Morrocco)
Years of art Academy studies; Dear Master, an important man - artist Dima Antadze
Joking with artist Mohamed Khedr
My friend Ibrahim with his friend
A week in the Winter, artist/fashion designer - Tamta Soselia, artist - Burhan Ahmeti (Art symposium, Egypt - 2014)
Casual... (Morrocco)
Artist Mutaz Elemam (Sudan) and artist Xhezair Rexhepi (Macedonia)
Abdo, me, Aziz
Participating in Georgian cultural days (Bursa, Turkey - 2015)
Hard stuffs with Zakki Redone (Morrocco)
Art residency final exposition, presenting myself (France)
Artists' walk out to the winery (Bulgaria - 2012)
With artist Nencho Rusev (Bulgaria)
With my fellas, lunchtime (Timmersit village, Morrocco)
Fascinating Essaouira...
Gala evenning (Art fest Chirdili, Khevsureti, Georgia - 2014)
In action (Art fest Chirdili, Khevsureti, Georgia - 2014)
With poet Ambrosi Melqadze and my drawing teacher artist Avto Chkhenkeli
My dearest people - artist Elisabeth Ochsenfeld (Romania / Germany), artist Dimitar Velichkov (Bulgaria) and Dennis Gonenc
With poet Giorgi Arabuli and my childhood friend artist Temo Macharadze
A walk with Georgian artists in Bursa
Atelier masterclass (Vichy, France - 2014)
Fiery night (Marrakesh, Morrocco - 2013)
Quality Bean - quality team (Agadir, Morrocco - 2013)
Cosy evenning with artists, Costin Breteanu and Mohamed Khedr (Hurghada, Egypt - 2014)
Favorite picture, Ibrahim is happy
Arts at occupied border (Nikozi village, Georgia - 2015)
Art symposium (Egypt)
A night with N.Pirosmani in the oldest wine regions of the world (Wall painting/copy to my dearest neighbour, Kakheti)
Black Madonna (Cleremont Ferrand, France - 2014)
my hometown, my art teachers, my friends
Where am I? Oh, shot by me :) (Art fest Chirdili, Khevsureti, Georgia - 2014)
January, 1 2015 - "1st Art Fest Chirdili" team, Khevsureti (Mountainous region of Georgia)
My friends, musician Shako Oquashvili and artist Zura Kereselidze
with my friend artist Irakli Toidze
Pechersk Lavra sightseeign - 2013
Cultural retreat at Uluda─č ski resort - 2015
"African band"
with Leo, my student
Live with Khanumyan Brothers
Back to teenage times, full-time hobby
high school :)
about 20 years ago..